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When your little finger does the equivalent of the 100m high jump..

So my first post, and unsurprisingly my thoughts are drawn to typing.

I was taught to type on an old fashioned typewriter - the goal was to type 42 words per minute, and on the few occasions that I did it was definitely a case of "more haste, less speed"! Letters were in the wrong order, or had "jumped" and out of line because I'd not struck the key evenly.

Tabular tables took such a long time to create; we had to count the longest number of characters in a row and the add 2 or 3 spaces either side

....and that "A"! Who decided to have one of the most commonly used letters in a position where you could only reach it by over stretching the little finger of your left hand? -It's got to be the equivalent of your little finger doing the 100 m high jump.

Despite all the flaws with typewriters, they're things of beauty, which, in contrast, a computer will never be. Mine (the old Imperial shown here) needs some love and attention to get it working again, but even though it's in a state of disrepair, I couldn't part with it...Yes it's the most "un-portable" portable that there could be (it weighs an - imperial - ton) but it's a thing of beauty...I love its unwieldy clunkiness, I love the fact that the bell rings as you near the end of a row - remember that? I love the fact that we used to have to out our CVs and used to advertise our skills in the classifieds (my - much younger - neighbour laughed when I told her this! And yes while neither the design of typewriter, or the keys were particularly user friendly, it's a design classic.

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