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So it's all decided, we're going to clear a space at the top of the garden and get some recharged batteries!

I've been wanting to do this for ages, and after looking after 2 sets of neighbours chickens when they go on holidays, I think that I know pretty much know all I need to know about chickens...

1. Chickens are actually much better than children at putting themselves to bed*

2. Despite their size they're actually quite good at flying, at much prefer a neighbours garden to their own.

3. Despite thinking the grass is always green, they actually never ever cross the road.

*Unless you try to put them to bed before it's dark and then it's like herding cats.

Little Moo is not bothered about chickens at all, she sees them all of the time, over the fence, on walks and in our garden when they "break out" from our neighbours. So she won't be interested in the chickens, but I do think the chickens might be quite interested in Little Moo - for people who don't know; chickens tend to "follow" and I've got visions of them all walking down the garden in single file, following Little Moo in the style of the old Ki-Ora "I'll be your dog" advert.

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