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Does it Help?

I get asked this a lot...and now I know people mean hugging trees.

The actual reason I go under the name "TreeHuggery" was more of a case of "embrace the name you're called"

Both myself and my husband have always been called "TreeHugging Hippies" where ever we've worked. We're both vegetarian, we don't have a TV, we rarely use the car if we can get somewhere by public transport, or even better get there by walking or running, we grow our own veg, and so on...

Not only that, at that time, I was making fabulously textured silver birch trees, by machine sewing and burning fabrics ...so while sounding out business names, TreeHuggery was the perfect fit!

While a chance finding of vintage bus tickets, totally changed my direction of work, and started me off making pictures of people waiting at bus stops, the name TreeHuggery still works, and yeah I still get called a treehugging hippie

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