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Inspiring Places

Inspired by my friend and fellow blogger the Honey Bees post which is about the simple things that people do, that touch the lives of other people. Debra of Honey Bees talks about a changing artistic window display that brightens up a row of terraces, and brightens up the lives of passers by.

For me, it's our community library.

We have a community library in an old red telephone box in the old part of Brinsley....I love stopping off on my walks with Little Moo, dropping books off and looking to see if there's anything I fancy reading...I've discovered loads of authors this way, trying books that I would not normally read..

...but most of all, I love the fact that its such a symbol of caring, respect and community mindedness...it started with somebody putting a few books in the disused phone box, and putting a sign up to see if somebody would put some shelves up in there.

Somebody did.

People bring books, people borrow them, people replace them after they're used.

Somebody will tidy it if it gets messy,

Sadly it got set on fire a couple of years ago...I actually cried...not because of the phone box, I know that in the grand scale of things, far far worse things happen everyday. I cried because of what it meant, and the symbol of caring and community it represented.

But good comes out of bad, people started volunteering their services, somebody offered to repair the broken glass, somebody else said they'd help paint it, a fund to repair it was started up, and thankfully we have it back.


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