• treehuggery


With less than a week to go to our art trail, I keep thinking of a whole heap of things that I should have done....mail outs, chalk boards to paint, stain the patio table, buy extra tea bags....the more I think about it the bigger the list seems to get. This will be my 5th art trail, and while I still have a last minute panic that I haven't got everything in place, it will be nothing like the first year...where my studio was only built the week before the event.

Mr TreeHuggery used to ba a shopfitter ( a word, I always mix up with "shoplifter" which was doubly unfortunate as we met doing jury service), and I used to introduce him as "this is Colin, he's a shoplifter and we met in court") but I digress....Shop Fitters work to very tight, very last minute schedules, consequently the the electrics for my workshop went in on the Tuesday as I was opening on the Saturday.....stressful? much

This year...well things don't change that much...it's bank holiday Monday...the event is in 5 days time, and we've just taken delivery of a shed that we're putting up in the pouring rain....but it's not quite so urgent this time round...

I'm almost ready...my workshop is all set up, and bar lots more tidy ups (I'm an incredibly messy worker) is pretty much ready.

I love the fact that the trail has grown too, this year I have lots of friends with me...Gav makes amazing metal sculptures from scrap metail...we've had a 10 foot rocket in the garden for the last few weeks, and despite a few people asking "what's that in your garden." most people, who walk by, aren't really surprised by anything we co any more. Anna a glass artist is going to decorate the garden with swirly twirly colourful glass twizzlers, Leigh will be bringing his plants, and Emma (who's been with us for 3 years now) will be bringing her pet portraits. ...Love the fact that my arty neixt door neighbours, Amanda and Anthony, join in too, and that we've become a whole trail...incorporating villages in the Hidden Valleys area of Notts that was home to DH Lawrence and Lord Byron., but most of all I love the fact that the whole village gets behind us, including the trail in church and council newsletters, and putting the date firmly in the social calendar.

I guess it won't be perfect, I'll still have bits of scrap paper that I've missed lying under the table somewhere, and I'll probably find a whole box of teabags after everyone's gone, but It never seems to matter, the event is always laid back, the people who come are so so lovely, and Little Moo just has a whole weekend of being a celebrity doglet,, who gets a constant supply of people wanting to play football with her...I'm hoping for a sunny weekend, but that's the one thing, that while constantly on my mind, I can't control,, even if II add it to my list, and I think it's a bit like a Wedding, sometimes too much choreographing can take some of the magic out of an event, and a bit like the art I make, there's beauty in imperfections