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Mrs Thompson

Mrs Thompson is a legend in our house.

We came across her and her fabulous shop around 15 years ago.

She had an old newsagents in the sleepy village of Osmotherley - and I'd popped in there to get a newspaper and it was like stepping back in time...While she herself was obviously very old, probably in her 90s the shop fittings were even older; the walls were lined with the type of.old shop drawers that are only seen in museums or films..

We've constantly told people about it, and wondered what had happened in the intervening years, hoping upon hope that the shop hadn't been gutted, but fearing the worst.

With a camping trip planned to the area, conversation has turned once more to what will have come of it...

Turns out that it had a history that was longer than I was aware of, it had been in the same family since 1786 selling groceries, and even selling its own blend of tea....It got sold in 2013, but the fittings and contents have been auctioned off - and the shop had a covenant that it had to remain a shop

(source www.geograph.org.uk/photo/4842764) thanks to Mick Garratt for the information and for the photograph.)

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