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Has Anyone Found my Lobster?

Its not unusual for me to walk with head bowed down, scouring the footpaths for unusual objects, so I don't know whether to be surprised or impressed that my pal found a live lobster on the streets of rural Nottinghamshire, whilst taking her dog on it's evening walk.

On closer examination, and further investigation it actually turned out to be a non-indigenous crayfish, who was later named Reggie (Kray) but you've got to admit, "lobster" makes for a more attention grabbing headline.

Like I say, I don't know whether to be relieved it wasn't me that found it (I have visons of trying to catch it with an upturned washing basket, in some bizarre twist on the board game "mouse trap") , or whether to be jealous that my own finds pale into insignificance in comparison.

So what have I found...well most things are pretty predictable; scissors, pens, money, tax discs...I did find a blind, blind-drunk man once (honestly!) He was a little bit (actually a lot!) worse for wear, he'd been out drinking, and didn't know where he was, it was Boxing day night and it was massively slippery underfoot - sheet ice - that didn't seem to bother him at all - and once we'd walked him to a point where he knew where he was, he was fine, so yeah, not as interesting as the lobster story, but not too shabby.

And Reggie? well we think he was trying to make a break for freedom from a nearby pub, and sadly despite best efforts to save him, Reggie has done to a better place, but at least he knows that in his latter days that he was loved.

And it's the story that keeps on giving, so on relating this story, I've since heard of someone given a piece of art that incorporated a large painted toenail...uggh....

Would love to hear your stories of finds, the more random, the better! I look forward to hearing them

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