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It's like being in a Mr Benn Plot..

Picture a bustling city centre street, and an anonymous door sandwiched between a charity shop and a newsagents.

Open the door, go through the entrance hall, and go up the stairs.

The stairs, by the way, are carpeted with lead.

Go through the doors, and ...well just gasp....

This is Bromley House a grade 2 Georgian town house which is home to a Private Library. It was founded in 1816, and is one of very few private libraries, and one of only 4 places to still have a Meridian line (which was used to set clocks to 12 noon before GMT)

Books loaned out are still recorded on a ledger system where each member has their own page where their loans are recorded.

I'm in love with this place. Yes I know I'm going to have to keep quiet about the fact that I cut up old maps and turn them into pictures, but I need to join.


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