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That's right...We don't have a telly

We've not had a telly for about 15 years...we simply realised that we were putting the news on at teatime and then watching what ever came on until it was time to go to bed.

The only time we tend to miss having one is on a rainy Sunday afternoon; you know- the type of days when you want to hunker down and watch Columbo or a black and white movie.

People's reactions to our tv-less (is that a word?) household are really interesting...from the "I wish we could get rid of ours" to "so what do you do in an evening?" to my favourite..."Where do you point the furniture ?" *

I think my biggest concern on getting rid of it was, would I know what was happening in the world...in terms of current affairs, yes I do. In terms of cultural references, frankly I'm rubbish....I'm still in a time warp of Coupling; a 1990s sitcom that was the English version of Friends, The Mole, a channel 5 programme where people had to work together on a series of challenges, but one person (the Mole) was intent on sabotage, and The Apprentice (sorry, it's my guilty pleasure). So yes, I'm the person, who has no idea who you are talking about....when I first heard Suzanne Dando had been murdered, I was like "you mean the gymnast?"...when they first announced that Dermot was going to present the X Factor, I was like "Oh they're going to have a gardener on there...that's nice."

We've stopped going to the cinema too....It was getting embarrassing...the adverts would start, and like a bad parody of the 3 monkeys , I would put my hands over my ears, saying "it's too loud", Colin, who is now so unused to watching fast moving images he gets travel sick (i thought i was going to have carry him out of the Blair Witch Project) will put his hands over his eyes, and say "I can't watch, it's all moving too quickly." And then, if all that isn't embarrassing enough, after we've acclimatised to the noise and fast moving images, we'll giggle through all the way through all of the adverts (note this is the adverts, not even the film trailers) because while they might be old hat to everyone else in the place, for us, its the first time of seeing them. Oh and I can't do scary films, if it's even slightly scary, I do a Scooby doo jump into the seat next to me. So yep, we don't get out much.

* the furniture is pointed towards the art


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