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A Better Class of Graffiti

Brinsley is a sleepy little village in northern Nottinghamshire. We moved here about 5 years ago, away from the hustle and bustle of a large town, where police helicopters were always circling overhead and we love the fact that NOTHING ever happens here....If we hear blues and twos go past the window, we look at each other, raise an eyebrow, and say "In Brinsley?" ...it really is that quiet.

Just recently there's been a spate of graffiti in the neighbouring village, Underwood. This might not seem newsworthy, but remember, nothing ever happens here, so the fact that "Meat is Murder" was daubed on a newly refurbished steak house, and that the nearby Smeath Road had had the "s" and the "h" painted over to make it read "Meat Road", made the headlines in Spotted Underwood, and was the talk of the two villages for several weeks.

It looks like Underwood's Morrisey loving graffiti artist is back. Today we took a walk and came across these new messages

Obviously I'm not condoning graffiti in anyway, simply contrasting these messages with the kind of graffiti "Yer Mam" and "PT takes it up the arse" that I'm more used to coming across on walks where I used to live.

It's not unlike the time when we ran part of the River Thames from Maidenhead to Windsor and rather than the path being lined with cans of tenant super and special brew the rubbish was champagne bottles and Innocent smoothie cartons.

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