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As the year draws to a close, it's the typical time for reflecting on how the last 12 months have gone.

To be honest it has been a pretty good year for me, but that doesn't stop me from my default position which is. "should I get a proper job."

Of course the answer is "no", TreeHuggery is going well, I love what I do, and working from home, creating art from pretty much nothing is as close to living the dream as you can get.

Besides that, I've worked on my own for far too long, and think I would really struggle working for somebody else.

More to the point, I'm terrible at interviews...

No really terrible.

I know most people say they're not good at interviews, but believe me, I'm worse that you can imagine.

I mean...Have you ever given a power point presentation to a blind man?....I have.

For obvious reasons, I've tried to wipe that from my memory...the one that really stands out, is the time when somebody with the same name as me, turned up for my interview...

I turned up for my interview, and went to give my name at reception.

The woman behind reception looked a little puzzled, and asked me to repeat my name. (I had a bit of a cold, so thought I'd probably not spoken to clearly)

When I repeated my name "Jackie Ward" she took on a "rabbit in headlight appearance" and her eyes searched out a woman behind me, wearing a suit, and seated on a couch.

"That's right," said the suited woman "I'm Jackie Ward."

It turns out that the suited woman (the other Jackie Ward) had not been invited or interview, so had phoned up for some feedback, of course, someone had looked down the list...seen the name, and assumed she had received the wrong letter and invited to her...um...my interview.

Now, this is where is starts to get really interesting, the other Jackie Ward refused to go home...despite being ushered into a corridor out of the way, I could hear her arguing that now she was here, they may as well interview her, which, to be fair, is both a practical and unique way to demonstrate your assertiveness skills at interview.

She didn't go home, and was shown around the site along with the rest of us, and in an attempt to show that she was the "real" Jackie Ward and a credible candidate, she asked LOTS of questions.

Not sure if she got the job - I didn't - but if she did, I feel I somewhat "enabled" her into that post.

So can anybody beat these...would love to hear from you if you can