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The Art of Procrastination

I think though I've secretly discovered someone who's a bigger procrastinator than me

There's a walk that I can do, close to where I live, and part way round, sandwiched between a two bustling businesses is a small office.. Now I've no idea, what they're supposed to there, the name of the business doesn't really give it away, but regardless of what they're supposed to be doing, it, there's somebody there who could give me a run for my money.

There's a guy there who has his desk strategically placed in the corner, in that way that artfully allows him not to be seen by the others in the team. A small oversight is that, that corner, is also the window on to the street...and it used to be a shop, so it's a pretty big window. Most afternoons if I go past, his computer screen is switched on to solitaire.. And its not just the afternoons, this morning I was quite late on my walk (yeah, yeah I'd been procrastinating, obviously) but at around 10am he was sitting in front of his computer screen, but it was still on the front page ...the one with the icons and the time., the one that you one stop seeing once you have at least one window open.

I love the fact that while he thinks he's fooling everybody inside, everyone on the outside is having a little chuckle.

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