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We're going on a bear hunt

"Well we're not on foot, so we're safe to go through"...

This is a story from a few years ago, but as I've just created a safari commission, and this memory popped in to my head, I had to share it .... and believe me its too good not to share.

So my pal and his young lad, arrived, on bicycle, at a safari park.

Faced with the sign, "visitors on foot, report to reception" My pal looked at this son, and said, "well, we're not on foot are we, come on lets go."

So off they pedalled.....through the safari park.

I'm not sure how much they had cycled through, but at the monkey enclosure- and crucially just before the lion enclosure, the rather bemused warders, picked them (and their bikes up) and gave them the rest of the tour in a land rover, explaining.. we picked you up on the security cameras, and just couldn't believe our eyes, you were just about to enter the lion enclosure.

Some signs just aren't clear.

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