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If Carlsberg did galleries

The best ideas start in a pub.

After lots of “shall we, shan’t we’” We’re opening The Hard to Find Gallery this weekend.

It’s not a big space, in fact our micro gallery is actually really tiny, but it is beautiful, it’s a delightful, light quirky space, it’s brimming with beautiful things, and yeah, it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Like all the best ideas it started in a pub…well a micro brewery actually (probably one of the best examples of subliminal advertising, and quite possibly a vote for the “beer is good for you” campaign.

We were wanting to develop the space that I already have as a workshop, but all of the ideas we had didn't fully fulfil our needs, but sitting in that small, industrial but cosy micro pub, gave us the inspiration for what we wanted to do...the cider may have helped too.

Building on my love of upcycled art, the idea of having other like minded artists, seemed a natural way to go… so micro it may be, but, it’s packed full of beautiful things, there really is something for everyone.

Yeah, if Carlsberg did galleries.

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