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Smashing Glass, Man Hole Covers and Space Hoppers

So I thought I’d tell you about the wonderful people I have accompanying me at the Hard to Find Gallery.

Where shall I start….

At the very beginning,

I’ve known Dawn Turner, Fused glass artist, the longest. We met through mutual friends, a love of good beer, and space hopper races.

At that time we both had “proper” jobs…and lost touch a little, and then we bumped into each other accidentally, and I found she had started to follow her dreams, and embark on her amazing journey with fused glass.

Dawn’s glass is wonderful, the colours sing, and the pieces tell stories. Look at the patterns in some of them, and you’ll see patterns that feel vaguely familiar, but you can’t think where you’ve seen them before…and then you’re told that they’re inspired by the man hole covers made at Stanton Iron Works, and created as part of "the Metal Ages" project in partnership with Gav Darby (another of the artists, accompanying me)

For quite a while, myself and Dawn would just catch up sporadically at events, maybe both of us doing them, and then sometimes one of us doing them, and the other turning up as a visitor on some kind of busman's holiday.

I fully got back in touch with Dawn last year, when we were both Artists in Residence in our home town of Ilkeston, Once again Dawn’s work was much more than beautiful to look at, it was inspired by two death pennies (next of kin memorial plaques, that were given to the relatives of those who died in service during the first world war) .

Working more closely together, I was able to do learn much more about how she worked. Up until that point, while I admired Dawns glass, I was still somewhat ignorant of the intricacies of working with fused glass….Glass it appears always likes to stay at a depth of 6mm, so when you place layers atop of each other, when you slump it, in fact when you pretty much do anything and heat it up, It will always want to go back to that particular depth….. Glass of course is the ultimate in recycling, while Dawn doesn't usually fuse recycled glass, the stresses are unpredictable, it is 100% recyclable.

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