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Kirsty Adamson - take a closer look

I met Kiirstie Adamson at the launch of an exhibition at Derby University Hospital.

I’d been given a Christmas card featuring her distinctive work, and recognising it, I went over to talk to her, I’m glad I did, she’s just one of the nicest, most helpful people that I know, always making time for everybody.

If you only glance at Kirsties work, you’d be amazed at the level of detail, but if you take the time to look properly, you’ll realise that she doesn’t paint, and that everything is created from torn pieces of magazine… then just when you’re still thinking “wow”, look across and compare it to the work of the photograph she’s been working from (she works from photographs when doing commissions) and you’ll realise that each tiny piece of paper is perfectly colour matched to get it just so, now that’s difficult enough when you’re working in conventional mediums, but when you’re looking through pages and pages, with your eyes scanning for exactly the right shade, you start to get the idea of the level of detail this lady works to.. And they’re not always small pieces either… The two pieces we have here at the Hard to Find Gallery are fairly large, so if you imagine working like that for days on end to create a single piece, you get to appreciate the complexity of the task….

Kirstie, is one half of EcoCreate, a group who support and promote artists who work in environmentally friendly ways and produce upcycled art.

She was awarded Highly Commended for her work “Chatsworth House” last year in the Derbyshire Open Awards, but it’s not just landscapes that she creates, I’ve seen her portraits and animal pieces, and she also has the unique talent of being able to work incredibly small (inside pocket watches) or large pieces that would make a statement on any wall.

We love Kirsties work, and are really pleased to be able to bring you 2 original pieces.

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