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The Strolling Photographer - great photos, great guy - there just aren't any negatives

Ladies and gentlemen meet our official photographer...

If you've ever wondered why we have so many lovely photographs of our gallery - well most of them aren't mine, they're done by the very lovely Jez Redgate.

Jez goes under the name the Strolling Photographer, and has built up a large local fan base doing so, but he used to be known as the Strolling Phonographer taking simply stunning pictures with nothing more than a phone.

He’s often seen out walking locally with his camera and with his dog, Ruby a beautiful Romanian Rescue dog.

Ruby is almost as well know as Jez. (I have the same trouble with Little Moo, who is known by pretty much everybody in the area). In fact me and Little Moo knew Ruby and Karen (Jez’s wife) before we knew Jez. Karen always has a pocket full of Smacko dog treats, and is known in our household as the Smacko dealer.

Jez has an eye for making very ordinary scenes, extra ordinary, and things that I have walked past 1000s of times, without ever taking any notice of, are transformed by his photography. There’s an …old wooden fingerpost sign, and while it’s not ugly, I’d never thought of it as a thing of beauty, until Jez photographed. It.

He takes very interesting angles, going close in, sometimes zooming right out, deliberately blurring some parts, in order to get very interesting pictures, that are his signature style.

He specialises in local and coastal photography, and we have some of his coastal pieces featuring the beautiful Isle of Wight.

He works with a mirrorless camera and with a phone. Jez’s pictures have been featured on the BBC and Notts TV, and has been commissioned for website photography.

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