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northern lights cinema, wirksworth

The Eternal Dilemma

We went to the lovely Northern Lights Cinema last night...'love it there..it's teeny tiny, has eclectic patchwork settees and armchairs, hardly any adverts and a really cosy bar.

We don't get out much and we dont have a TV, so if we ever go to a more "conventional" cinema, we're both (ahem)... challenged.

At a conventional cinema we both start giggling at adverts that everyone else has seen a zillion times before. I sit there with my hands over my ears as it's all too loud and hurts my ears, where as Col struggles with fast moving images (Blair Witch give him motion sickness) and he has to peek through his fingers...we're like two of the 3 blind monkeys...And if that's not enough, I'm a real scaredy cat, if something frightens me, I scream (loudly!); and...I'm not proud, but I have done a Scooby Do jump into the person besides me arms..It wasn't my finest hour.

Yeah if you go to the cinema when we're there, you'll have a nice little sideshow to add to the evenings entertainment.

The Northern Lights is neither loud nor fast moving, but we still struggle to behave...There's something about theatre style seats that make us giggle.... which way do you go past people who are already seated.....arse or crotch?

The film by the way, is no footnote, it was incredible. "Free Solo" is a documentary film of the climber Alex Honnold who is the first person to free solo climb (climb without ropes) what is probably the most difficult climb there is...3,000 ft vertical rock El Capitan's at Yosemite National Park - At places the handholds are none existent, he'd have had more handholds if he were free climbing a featureless building.

I'm not a climber...I'm both nervous and clumbsy (not a good combination) When we first started going out and did that coupley thing of wanting to do things together, I went to the local climbing wall, and even though I was only a foot off the ground, and secure with rope and harness, I shook too much to grasp an easily reachable (and large) handhold... So the reality is I can't imagine how technically difficult that climb is, but trust me, as somebody who doesnt get out much, even if you don't climb, and even if you have to watch some of it peeking through your fingers, it's a must see film.

Just get there early, so you don't have to make the decision of arse or crotch.

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