The best holidays aren't about where you are, but who you're with, it can rain every day, but if you're with the people you care about it, you'll still have good memories.

Rainy days in caravans, are always atmospheric; the noise on the roof and the streaming windows - sometimes you just have to embrace the weather and splash in the puddles.

I'd been asked to make pictures of caravans several times, but I'd not done it, because I always try and create a connection between what I use, and what things become....then, one day, I was posting a letter via "snail mail" and thought about the link between "snail mail" and travelling snail-like with your home on your back, not only that, the window of the envelope, made an excellent window for the caravan. 

Look carefully and you'll see that the bunting is created from vintage bus tickets and the handle of the umbrella is actually a darning needle

Framed and mounted in a white frame. Frame approx 50 cm square, artwork approx 30 cm square

Caravan of Love. Original Art

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