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The "Tea Huggery" range transforms "The Little People" into one striking piece that effortly changes between drinkware and sculpture. Mounted on to stylish, high gloss, black bases with an indent for a mug of tea or coffee (or of course a glass) When not in use the base is simply part of the sculpture.


This is perfect for anyone who enjoys a bit of life in the slow lane after being in the pool.  And is perfect regardless of  choice of drink.

This is a handmade one off and is totally unique.  not only that, it's a perfect combination of beauty, fun and practicality.


I love the fact that she looks likes she's diving into the drink,  it brings drinkware for swimmers to a whole new level.


Why not add a mug too

.Choose form "life in the slow lane" (the design wraps around) or a "dogs and cake" latte mug (you can add a dogs and cake coaster too)

...you could even split it to make 2 different presents...or keep them for yourself,  and add a bottle to the gift, they'll never know.


Base is approx 33 x10 cm. Height is approx 40 cm tall


diver on drinks base £65

diver on base with mug £75

diver on base with coaster and mug £77.50

Dive right in

add coaster and mug
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