Pieathlon will make any triathlete giggle.


Look closely and you'll notice that nothing is as it seems, the swimmers outfit is upcycled from a triboard swim cap, the cyclists glasses are a piece of  bike chain and their faces are created from giant hooks and eyes

As well as each holding a pie, and the runner wearing a Pie Suit, the word Pie-Athlon is stamped in to the base


Created from a combination of hand and machine stitch this one took weeks to create.


The Triangular base (see what we did there) can fit snuggly into a corner spot, or have the 3 triathletes standing face on. 


The base is approx 42 cm wide at its widest point and approx 21cm deep. Approx 31 cm in height


  • Please allow approx 3 -5 days to delivery.  For overseas delivery please contact me and I'll charge at cost

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