TreeHuggery. The Art of Living Life in the Slow Lane


Art Prints Personalised Gifts and Commissions Gifts for Cyclists Gifts for Triathletes Gifts for Runners and Walkers Gifts for Music Lovers Snail Pace. Tickets Please Greeting cards



 eco create prize winner

1st Prize Winner, Eco Create,  2017



  Gifts for Cyclists created from tax discs 


treehuggery art prints 

 Gifts for Cyclists

The Taxing Rides Collection (Cyclists from Tax Discs)


Art Prints 

Prints of my originals on recycled card


gifts for runners and walkers  


 personalised gifts and commissions


Gifts for Runners and Walkers 

The Feet and Miles Collection (Runners and Walkers from Maps)


Personalised Gifts and Commissions

Gifts with a wow factor


Caravan and ice cream van pictures 

Gifts for triathletes swim bike run 


Snail Pace. 

A Little Bit of Life in the Slow Lane; caravans, campers and gardeners


Gifts for Triathletes

cyclist from tax discs, runner from maps, swimmer from the blue bit of a map

 pictures of musicians from music scores  

 Tickets Please. People waiting at bus stops from vintage bus tickets


Gifts for Music Lovers

The Noteworthy Collecction. (Musicians from Music Scores..and sometimes keys)


Tickets Please

People at Bus Stops from vintage bus tickets


 Ice cool gifts for snowboarders and skiers    treehuggery art prints  

Gifts for Snowboarders

Ice cool snowboarders and skiers from ice lolly sticks


 New Designs...the Steam Junk Collection

and here's for something completely different




The Art of Living Life in The Slow Lane....


Quirky outdoorsy people.. Creating a connection between the source material and the final finished piece

Perfect gifts for triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, runners, walkers, caravan and campers, people who enjoy their allotments, musicians and for anyone who likes to spend time in the slow lane of life.


Collaged from reloved, upcycled and vintage materials. ephemera and memorabilia. 


 Commissions taken


TreeHuggery. The art of living life in the slow lane


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