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Unique and Personalised
Gifts to Remember that Amazing Holiday
or some other special moment

If you're choosing to have a picture, I can incorporate flight and admission/entry tickets or maps.

I can recreate a photograph or create a scene, incorporating pretty much anything.

Holiday memories deserve much more than to be photos kept on a phone, and tickets in a drawer

Choose a sculpture, or a picture in a small, medium or large frame.


From £65.00* for a single person.

They are approx. 30cm high.

 It's possible to have an extra of a  small amount of text on the base too.

Why not add a drinks base for £15



Framed Pictures

Small from £40.00*

10 x 15cm

silver colour frame 18 x 23cm

perfect for a simple picture

Medium from £60.00*

14 x 19cm

in black frame 28 x 32cm

perfect for a family or when background detail is required

*Plus Delivery

Large from £135.00*

18 x 43cm

in a black or white frame

23 x 50cm

perfect for depicting a road trip/holiday of a lifetime

  • Book a free, no obligation, chat to bat some ideas around

Email me
or book in for a chat

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