About Treehuggery

My quirky outdoorsy characters are inspired by a love of found materials and a psychology degree.

I like nothing better than  bit of people watching.  My other love is picking up an object and "seeing" it as something else.

If you look closely at my work, nothing is as it seems, hooks and eyes, become faces, and tiny pieces of driftwood become skateboards or saxophones, I try to use found materials in a meaningful and purposeful way, either with a play on words, a link to its original purpose or utilising its shape and texture.

I love doing what I do, I've been incredibly humbled to win (and come runner up) in several awards, be featured in glossy magazines, have my own micro gallery, The Hard to Find Gallery.

Still, the nicest thing is  to have  my work on permanent display at Derby Royal Hospital - knowing that my work helps to give people a smile, if only briefly, is, in all honesty, beyond words.