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Unique and Thoughtful

 Personalised Gifts for Climbers

The sculptures of rock climbers are designed to look like their climbing and hang from shelves, picture rails etc,

Their limbs can be gently repositioned to create different moves. 

I can incorporate maps of climbing edges into the framed pictures to create really thoughtful gifts.

They make great presents but you might want to keep one for yourself

Choose a sculpture, or a picture in a small, medium or large frame.


From £60.00* 

Approx. 30cm high.

These climbers can be moved into different positions


Framed Pictures

Small from £40.00*

10 x 15cm

silver colour frame 18 x 23cm

perfect for a climber with no background

Medium from £60.00*

14 x 19cm

in black frame 28 x 32cm

perfect for a climber and a background behind

*Plus Delivery

Large from £135.00*

18 x 43cm

in a black or white frame

23 x 50cm

perfect for depicting 2 or more climbers

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