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Talks, Demos & Workshops

Jackie's Treehuggery talks and workshops will resume as soon as it is safe for everyone
Contact Jackie, or join our mailing list and we'll keep in touch.

Talks are approximately 45 minutes plus time for questions but can be tailored if necessary.
I will bring samples with me to show at each talk.

Choose from the following talks

"The Art of Seeing the Potential in Nearly Everything"

"Paper Scissors Shown"


"From Pills to Frills, Transferable Skills"

Perfect for groups such as the Embroiderers Guilds and The WI.



Like Jackie to give a talk or demo to your group?

Thanks - we'll be in touch...

Clients include: Nottinghamshire County Council, Derbyshire County Council, NHS, National Justice Museum, Erewash Borough Council, Arts Erewash. The WI and more

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Treehuggery Workshops

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