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Beach Huts

You will need

tetra pak (orange milk juice carton)


card (cereal box or similar)


glue or sticky tape or double side tape

(can make glue with a spoon of flour and a spoon of water)


Optional Stuff


coloured paper (magazines and junk mail will do)

press studs

cocktail sticks


tack pins

orange bag netting


Please be kind

Please don't use these activities for financial gain.  I've designed these activities for use in workshops that I deliver and when life returns back to normal, I intend to do so again.

Let's see what you make

I'm pretty isolated too!

I'd love to see what you make, email me your pictures (picture only, no pictures of you guys) to and I will create a virtual gallery of your makes on here and on social media


Gallery of Makes, please send me yours to add to

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