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A Sly and Cunning Plan


I figured we could all do with some distractions during these strange times covid 19 , ehivh is why I've postedsome free family friendly activities that you can make from everyday objects that you will have lying around the house


What will I need

They really are going to  use everyday objects...tea bags, tetra paks, egg cartons...but definitely no  loo rolls..they are no longer evey day objects - Plus Im imagining the scene where you do actually have possession of one last loo roll and  your little person, unbeknown to you, pulls off all the sheets, to get to the empty roll...definetly no loo rolls.

What will we be making...


We're going to start off really steadily with some elephant bunting, then we will progress to tea bag flowers, egg carton plants, beach huts...and well we'll see how it goes eh


Please be kind


these sessions are going to be free, I've designed them myself and  when the world isnt quite as strange as this, I them as part of my paid work, so please be kind, and don't reproduce them yourself for financial gain. When the world gets back to normal I'd like to run them as sessions again..


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