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In the midst of Christmas shopping  mayhem, the hustle and bustle, the queues  and  the gifts that have lost their lustre by Boxing day, why not spend a bit of time living life  in the slow lane, making something truly unique and personal, and having a relaxing time while doing it.


This will be held in my cosy log cabin workshop, in Brinsley, Nottinghamshire, over a couple of evenings, with mulled wine and mince pies a plenty.

Come along and over the course of two evenings you will make a meaningful gift, that will be truly personal to the recipient. You'll have the opportunity to work from your photographs and your own memorabilia (don't worry I have plenty of finds that you can use if you'd prefer) to create a family portrait.


I'll guide you through  the practicalities of incorporating collage and sketch, and can if, you wish, help come up with ideas and ways to incorporate relevant things to that help tell your story.

The group will be a maximum of 4, so I'll have lots of time to give everyone in the group dedicated one to one support.

We will be working to create a framed picture (frame size 23.5 x 32.5cm, you can of course create a different sized piece, but it won't be framed.

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