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Unique and Personalised
Gifts for the Car Lover in your life

Working from a photo I can create a caricature likeness to make a picture or a sculpture.  


The jersey can be made out of tax discs or beer labels manipulated to include a significant number (such as a competition number or birthday age).  The cyclist could be looking at a map of a your special area...


Pretty much anything is possible, and I love to work with your little details to make your gift extra special.  

Choose a sculpture, or a picture in a small, medium or large frame.


From £60.00 are approx. 30cm high.

Really personal caricatures made out of paper and having a small amount of text on the base.

 They're guaranteed to make a thoughtful and truly unique gift.



Small from £40.00

10 x 15cm

silver colour frame 18 x 23cm

perfect for a single cyclist

Medium from £60.00

14 x 19cm

in black frame 28 x 32cm

perfect for a small group or tandem 

Large from £135.00

18 x 43cm

in a black or white frame 23 x 50cm

perfect for depicting a journey

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