personalised gifts for

significant birthdays

Special presents for special


What do you get for a special birthday

A personalised gift is a perfect present for somebody to mark their special birthday, it can include their age, what they like doing, significant things that they've achieived or a moment in time.

It's a really thoughhtful and personal present

I work from a photograph to create a caricature likeness.


Need some inspiration?

I can work from an old treasured photograph to capture a moment in time, either just as it was back then, or to tell a story.


Want the age incorporating?

Not everyone does, but it can make a significant birthday present, really special.

I can incorporate their age; maybe on a signpost, or as sky writing on an aeroplane, or on their race bib if they're a runner, or on a tax disc jersey if they're a cyclist

I've even scanned and used a persons birth certificate before. 

Pretty much anything is possible.

3 dimensional sculptures

These wont be quite as photo realistic, but they really are too cute for words, can incorporate the persons interests and has room for a small message

Which one will be best for me?

image 10x15cm, Frame 18 x 23cm

Perfect for a picture of person (2 max) with minimal background

Framed in a silver frame.

Frame can be hung or free standing

£40 - £45 (+ £4 delivery in the UK)

sent by Royal Mail.

overseas delivery at cost

image 14 x 19cm. Frame 28 x 32cm

My most popular size.

These are great if you want more detail either in the people or in the background

Framed in a black, (double mounted frame)

£60 - £65 (+ £5 delivery in the UK)

Sent by Royal Mail

Overseas delivery at cost

see also our Silver Membership card

Image 18 x 43cm,  Frame 23 x 50cm

When you want something really special.

The long thin nature of these makes it perfect for telling a story or depicting a journey.

choose from black or white frame.

£135 - £160 (+ £7.50 delivery in the UK)

Sent by DPD.

Overseas delivery at cost.

approx 30 cm in height

Perfect for somebody that's run out of wall space.

Naturally the caricatures arent going to be as accurate representations as they are when made out of paper, but they can still be really personal, holding maps of significant areas or having a small amount of text incorporated on to the base.  They're guaranteed to make a thoughtful and truly unique gift.

From £60 for a single person.

UK Delivery between £4 and £7.50 depending on weight/size