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How to Make Succulent Plants From

Egg Cartons

You will need


egg cartons



glue (you can make flour and water glue by mixing one spoon of water to one spoon of flour)


Step 1

Cut the 2 pointy bits of the egg carton, and glue one inside the other.

This is going to be the centre of the plant.



Step 2

Cut 2 or 3 strips from the top of the egg box.  The bottom edge of each strip needs to be fairly straight, but the top edge can be straight or zig zaggy.

Wrap these around the centre and glue in place.



Step 3

Cut out one of the egg holders, don't worry if it's a bit raggedy, it adds to the character!

Glue the rest of the plant inside



Step 4

Wait for the glue to dry and paint.

I tend to paint the tips, with a red or a purple, and I do quite like it when some of the egg carton print is visible underneath the paint



Step 5

They're ready to plant!

Don't forget to email me your makes, so that I can create a virtual gallery


Pease don't use for commercial gain, this is my job, and I'd like to return to it once we return




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